Seddon Launch Mental Health Initiative


Jordan Bibby was a ‘loving and fearless and full of life’ 25-year-old, when he took his own life in September 2017.

Eight months on from that tragedy, his mother Melanie has opened up about his passing with the hope that it will encourage others to speak up during dark times, knowing there is always someone willing to help.

Melanie recalls: “The last thing I said to Jordan was ‘I love you,’ on Monday evening. On Wednesday, I was told he had passed away.

“None of the words made sense; I knew what they meant, but they didn’t fit together in the sentence. I didn’t understand how they could be about my son, someone so loving and fearless and full of life.”

One of the hardest things for Melanie is that nobody knew that Jordan was suffering.

“If he would have reached out to any of us we would have helped him get the support he needed, we would have got him through it, we always did, we always made sure he was ok, and for the most part he was. I think there was just one moment where he couldn’t see a way forward and he made a decision and it’s the one thing that we can’t fix.”

Melanie is urging others not to suffer in silence. Working with Seddon – where Jordan worked when he passed – to form an initiative in memory of Jordan. Jordan’s Conversation is an educational presentation on mental health and wellbeing, and is being distributed within the Seddon offices, sites and throughout the company to encourage others to recognise the symptoms of mental health and offer help.

Seddon have partnered with Mates in Mind, a charity that aims to raise awareness about mental health in the UK construction industry – as statistics show that men working in the industry are at the highest risk of suicide, with it being the leading cause of death for men under 50.

Melanie added: “Jordan’s Conversation is such a vital initiative; I felt I had no option but to get involved, to help; it’s what Jordan would have wanted. We need to get men especially to open up about how they feel. We need to let them know that no one is bullet proof and that it’s OK to need help and we need to encourage them to reach out for support. I don’t want anyone to ever feel like Jordan must have felt, like they couldn’t carry on. No one is alone, please speak out.”

Seddon will also be supporting the ‘This is Me’ campaign this week, an initiative that encourages employees who have experienced mental health problems to share their stories to encourage others to speak up.

Read the full release from the Manchester Evening News here.

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