10 things you need to know about the gender pay gap


1. From 4th April 2018 all companies with over 250 employees are required to report annually their Gender Pay Gap.  This means that Seddon Construction Brick by Brick - Closing the gender pay gap - 2018 reportwill be required to report its findings.

2. The Gender Pay Gap is defined as the difference in the average pay of men and women over a specific period of time. It is not an equal pay review, more of review of the distribution of pay at different levels of positions within a company.

3. Construction, as an industry, has been historically heavily biased towards male employees – but this doesn’t mean it has to be in the future. The Gender Pay Gap is a way of highlighting the lack of gender balance in our industry and therefore our business.

4. When we compare men and women in “like for like” roles at Seddon the pay is equal and fair.

5. The Gender Pay Gap as Seddon has been calculated at 26%. This is because women are under represented in construction delivery roles, and at a senior level; both of which are higher paid and higher incentivised.

6. Seddon are committed to closing this gap to zero.

7. The focus is about initiatives to ensure a new balance and representation of men and women in the organisation at all levels.

8. One of the ways we can address the pay gap is to attract more women into construction delivery and senior management roles, both of which are often, at entry point, project based and mean working in a construction site environment.

9. To attract more women into these roles we need to make these roles more accessible not just in terms of pay, but in greater access to opportunities, flexible working, leadership development, recruitment and outreach and attraction and retention.

10. The company is developing several ways of making the industry more appealing to women which include:

  • developing our strategy for modern working methods which are more flexible around work life balance
  • improving conditions on our construction sites
  • considering how we support parents
  • making recruitment strategies gender neutral
  • encouraging balanced short lists of men and women for jobs
  • establishment of a “Women’s Group” made up of senior females within Seddon, to encourage other women to put themselves forward for opportunities predominantly held by men
  • developing our staff into senior roles within the business, through our leadership programme

To read our Gender Pay Gap Report, Brick by Brick, click the link below.

Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

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